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If you are having problems viewing the images in the Gallery, follow these instructions.

You do not need any special software to view the photographs. Just click on the photo you would like to see and a larger version of it will appear on your screen.

Moving Images
To view the moving images, you need the free Quicktime software installed on your computer. Go to the Quicktime Web site and download the Quicktime software appropriate for your computer's operating system. Don't forget to install the software after you have downloaded it. Then you just click on the photo for the moving image you want to see.

Questions or Problems
If you have any problems viewing the images after reading these instructions, please contact our Webmaster.

On the Road Again
You are driving to an interview in another state. The route the company gave you takes you through unfamiliar territory, and an electrical storm seems to be following your every move. Looking for cover, or at least relief, you are growing increasingly nervous about the unbelievable bolts of lightning, cracks of thunder, and a downpour so thick you can barely see in front of you. This road seems to be surrounded by nothing but rural farmland. If you take an exit, you’re not sure you’ll just head directly into the center of the storm rather than away from it. Which way do you turn?

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