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Getting Around

Bethesda Shuttle
Free Bethesda Downtown Shuttle
A FREE downtown shuttle service from the Bethesda Metro Station to the intersection of Rugby Avenue and Woodmont Avenue is available. The closest stop to Astrovision is the corner of Rugby and Woodmont.
Map of the route and precise schedules.

The metro stop closest to Astrovision is on the Red Line at the Bethesda Metro Station. You will need a farecard, metro pass, or SmarTrip card to ride Metrorail. Farecards and one day passes can be purchased at the stations. Passes can be bought at selected locations around the area. Follow the signs to your platform. Flashing lights at the platform's edge let you know a train is coming. The line color <Red> is displayed on the front and back of the trains.
Route map and schedules.

Montgomery County Ride-On
Maryland provides bus transportation that coordinates with the metrorail schedules. You can find schedules and routes at this Web site.

Dodging a Blizzard
It’s lunchtime at work, and you are wondering if the “Blizzard of the Year” stormfront you heard about will really hit this afternoon.
Do you need to get your kids from school early?
Should you head home and work from there the rest of the day?

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