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Live, Personalized Weather

It’s early morning. Up and down the East Coast of the U.S., people are waking up for another workday. Many begin the new day by checking their personalized, localized weather on their television or computer. The viewer’s custom forecast overlays a map of their hometown with a live real-time video stream of the clouds and weather patterns. No longer does the weather come as a computer-generated image of past events and prediction of the current weather. It is truly a live feed of what is happening at that moment—like having a personal video camera watching the weather.

For users who have chosen it, a “Special Events Alert” flashes on the screen. With a click of the remote, they are brought to live coverage of Hurricane Jackie, currently off the Bahamas.

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Disclaimer: This scenario is provided for the purpose of demonstrating the potential advantages of AstroVision’s product. The information is fictional and the agencies mentioned have not necessarily made an agreement to procure AstroVision's services.

Playing With Fire
Fires are ravaging the California forests, and emergency management teams are barely keeping things under control. Thick smoke is seeping into the city streets, and the wind patterns are constantly changing. Officials are having a difficult time pinpointing trouble spots to ensure citizens keep out of harm’s way.
How will they identify a safe evacuation route?

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