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By rush hour, thousands of motorists on their way to work are able to check monitors in their vehicles for up-to-the-minute live weather forecasts and traffic patterns of their projected routes. Formerly a straight GPS monitor, it is now a combination map and specialized services designed for airlines, trucking and shipping companies, and thousands of pleasure boats. With customized services available using AstroVision data, better routing of passengers and freight helps users realize great cost and time efficiencies, as well as reducing traffic congestion in major cities.

At the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) headquarters in Washington, D.C., the chief operator begins her watch by examining the AstroVision information on her monitor. She carefully scans the live video stream of the Eastern United States, the Midwest, and especially the South where Hurricane Jackie gains strength. The operator examines the cloud formation and quickly knows it will be a tough travel day in the Southeast for thousands of travelers and especially the pilots. She wonders how they ever managed before AstroVision's live, color, high-resolution coverage was available. Pilots, filing their flight plans at hundreds of FAA flight service centers across the nation while viewing AstroVision data, silently share her thoughts. Air traffic controllers shake their heads after seeing the developing systems, but are thankful for the ability to more efficiently and safely handle the traffic because of the up-to-the-second timeliness of AstroVision data.

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Disclaimer: This scenario is provided for the purpose of demonstrating the potential advantages of AstroVision’s product. The information is fictional and the agencies mentioned have not necessarily made an agreement to procure AstroVision's services.

Playing With Fire
Fires are ravaging the California forests, and emergency management teams are barely keeping things under control. Thick smoke is seeping into the city streets, and the wind patterns are constantly changing. Officials are having a difficult time pinpointing trouble spots to ensure citizens keep out of harm’s way.
How will they identify a safe evacuation route?

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