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Emergency Management

Officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) watch Hurricane Jackie and plan for evacuations, loss prevention, and recovery. With AstroVision feeding live data, they are able to plan efficient deployment of their disaster crews to assist in diminishing the impact of, and speeding the recovery from, the destruction of a hurricane.

On CNN, an official of the government of Guatemala credits the Administrator of the United States Trade and Development Agency (TDA) with saving “…countless lives and moveable property” as a result of using the AstroVision service funded by a grant from TDA to deliver real-time hurricane information to the emergency managers at the federal and local level.

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Disclaimer: This scenario is provided for the purpose of demonstrating the potential advantages of AstroVision’s product. The information is fictional and the agencies mentioned have not necessarily made an agreement to procure AstroVision's services.

Playing With Fire
Fires are ravaging the California forests, and emergency management teams are barely keeping things under control. Thick smoke is seeping into the city streets, and the wind patterns are constantly changing. Officials are having a difficult time pinpointing trouble spots to ensure citizens keep out of harm’s way.
How will they identify a safe evacuation route?

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